I opened last week’s blog stating that outsourcers are only ever as good as their last job. It’s a harsh reality that helps keep everyone in the supply chain honest and working hard to deliver the best for every customer, every time.

So what is it that customers are looking for from their resource partner and the types of people that they supply?

  • The best resource partners have a strong relationship with their contractors, they can’t just be a list on a database somewhere – they need to understand each candidate’s strengths & weaknesses and send them on assignments that suit those attributes the best
  • Utilising the engineers that are not just a skill match but also a personality, attitude and cultural fit with the end customer
  • While the technical skill of each engineer is hugely important, resource suppliers must also focus on their customer service and communication skills. This will make a huge difference to how the end customer will perceive and rate the level of service that’s delivered
  • Engage engineers for the same customer again and again builds familiarity, productivity and a level of comfort into the outsourcing journey for both sides. By contrast, the typical agency model can be about just hitting a headcount requirement rather than delivering consistent people that will enhance the quality of the service supplied

At Abalon, we strive to follow this philosophy for each of our customers on all types of ad-hoc, embedded and project deployments.

Is this what you expect from your current resource provider? Is there anything that I haven’t covered here that you regard as essential to the outsourcing process? Please, let me know in the comments below.