I've heard that phrase many times over the past few years, even in the initial conversations with decision makers at companies that we now count as valued customers. To be honest, I used to say it myself when I was on the customer side and I didn't fully recognise how outsourced resource could add value.

So what changed my mind?

In my case, outsourcing allowed the company I worked at to manage large scale projects with minimal effect on business-as-usual and manage backlogs swiftly & efficiently when they became unwieldy. It also allowed us to build-in an element of contractor resource into our regular workforce; flexing up when busy and standing down when demand subsided. With outsourcing we could deliver service requirements well beyond the capacity of our internal team alone.

It was game-changing.

When Minesh and I founded Abalon in 2013, we wanted to build a company that was different to other resource providers. While I had lots of experience on the customer-side, Minesh had spent many years as a supplier of resource, working on many huge projects and building lasting relationships with a large number of fantastic engineers and technicians across the UK.

By combining both of our perspectives, we’re able to help our customers to unlock the full potential of what outsourcing can bring to their growth and stability.